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Jewellery Tips and Tricks

Deciding which jewellery to wear with what accessories can become confusing and problematic to many people because they want to you look perfect. Which jewellery to wear with what outfit requires a creative mind therefore it is not a Tom Dick and Harry work. There are two aspects of dressing beyond perfection in this blog we will touch upon both of these aspects and we'll try to give you some guidance.

Every jewellery is designed in such a way that it only goes with a certain type of outfit skin tone and occasion. When you see a lot of models wearing jewellery some of them especially looks at perfection it brings the diva out of them it is because of the design of jewellery the outfit of the model the skin tone and the shape of the body for these factors play a simultaneous role in enhancing the overall beauty. For example when and the necklace is paired according to the neckline of the outfit then both of these can complement each other.

If you look at the earrings they are designed specifically about the face of the women. Earrings complement your outfit face hair and skin tone. There is a simple hack that you should choose the earring which is opposite to the feature of your face like for example if your face is round then you should choose long drop earrings because these earrings will elongate your face and make you look slimmer although all these things are psychological and may change from person to person.

On the other hand, bracelets are very popular women accessories although residents are very location-specific accessories. Bracelets should be worn according to the type of place and event like for example if you are attending a wedding then a multilayer long bracelet would suit you but it is not the case when you are working in the office.

2. Outfit

Wearing the right type of outfit is very important as we have mentioned above that jewellery and outfit complement each other therefore both of these things should be at their optimal level.

For example, if you are dressing up in traditional wear like Saare, salwar, lehenga etc then wearing a jhumka, maang tikka  Kundan jewellery would be a great idea.

If you are planning for a very casual outfit then jewellery like a Moti Haar or bar necklace or Bohemian jewellery would do just great.

These days, beauticians and fashionistas are likewise exploring different avenues regarding Jewellery by matching customary gems with western wear to make a combination look. 


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Jewellery Shops in Vaishali Nagar

Jewellery Shops in Vaishali Nagar

Jewellery Shops in Vaishali Nagar